Friday, November 11, 2011

Instant mori girl

No school today I ran out to do some errands, for example I went to the locksmith – when I stepped outside of the locksmith shop I realized I was wearing a bracelet with KEY charms on it. lol how ridiculous!! I'm obsessed with dressing to match the occasion but wtf

Dolly OP, She is Sleeping cardigan, heart bag and headbow are BABY,
OTKs are Innocent World,
tea party shoes Secret Shop.
Accessories and military jacket are offbrand and I bought the handmade deer collar from a girl on egl_comm_sales! It's pimpin' I'm gonna wear it all the time. That + a faux foxtail is like instant mori girl inspired

Blurrrrryyyyy but my rings are forest themed they're shaped like branches and a fox's head and a rabbit's head

Friday, November 4, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

needs moar blood

o hai im just up working on a project in the middle of the night

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your girl wanna blow me and don't even know me

Hey hey here's me hanging out at Peace & Love the music festival I attended this summer. I enjoyed looking all trashy for a change haha (and by trashy I mean like having a trashy-but-still-cool style, not trashy gross and smelly ewww)

My look is obviously inspired by Lady Gaga..... and 2Pac.
I kinda want that tattoo irl <3

Fun fact: At age 15, I exclusively listened to gangsta rap from the mid-90's, and also some new school underground stuff. Awww I was so cute, hardcore hip hop bitch. I still be bumpin dat shyt sumtimes tho. I went to see Atmosphere at Peace & Love for example and my hip hop heart was rekindled, cuz dat ish was fuckin dope live

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I managed to snatch an iPhone 4 with a 50% discount! I've been a devoted Apple user for all my life but this thing disappoints me slightly. It's a giant leap from my old, not-very-smart-phone, but there are so many restrictions. An example: I have to buy a new OS for my MacBook before I can even use the phone, since it can't sync with my old OS. I had to sync it with a PC with Windows, wtf Apple? My OS still works perfectly and I don't like to be forced to buy more products thank you very much

Well, I still love my new toy and there are tons of ways to prettify it.

Chocolate Theme

Rilakkuma Theme

I'm thinking about getting a plain case to deco the shit out of too.

If anyone knows of any must-have or just cute apps, hit me up! I have the free Rilakkuma Touch! app but unfortunately it sucked, you're supposed to interact with Rilakkuma but he just kind of sits there?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Something borrowed something pink

Lots of things has happened this summer...

Most spectacular thing is: I got married!

omg no just kidding ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I attended a "wedding themed wedding" last weekend, in other words the dresscode was = bride or groom. And this is the outfit I came up with

OP, bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
headbow: Paris Kids
veil: handmade by me
wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
lace gloves: some vintage store
lace tights: H&M
shoes: Secret Shop
wedding ring (of course): golden ribbon ring from Chocomint lol

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I just came to say hello

A few weeks ago, my lover left me: my hard drive crashed. My MacBook froze and when I forced reboot......

there was a gray screen and the BLINKING FOLDER + QUESTION MARK OF DEATH!

And I never did a backup ever

Data recovery is mad expensive but since I have special connections it will cost me a dinner. I have hopes of getting most of my data back but damn

Learn the lesson from me kids! EVERY hard drive WILL DIE!!!!!!!!! It's only a matter of when. Back up your shit!

I'm on a borrowed computer but have NOT been in the mood for computers/internet lately. Anyhow I just wanted to say I'm alive. Even though my darling is not

Monday, June 27, 2011

brb, I'll be living in mud for a week

I've been debating whether I should make this a pure lolita blog or not, since I don't dress exclusively in lolita.

In any case, next week I'll do something totally non-loli: go to a festival called
Peace & Love, here in Sweden.

Other people see festivals as an excuse to be filthy and dress like a slob without anyone caring, I see festivals as an excuse to dress even more crazy / cool without anyone caring!

I made a detachable hairbow for extra coolness, it will probably not last through all the concerts etc even though I drenched it in hairspray but whatever.

see u when I get home!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Part of the purchases

that I've made lately

♡ Baby, the Stars Shine Bright crown purse
♡ A dark colored straw hat.
♡ A light colored straw hat. lol
♡ Baby, the Stars Shine Brigh Beading ribbon lace OTKs
♡ Innocent World Rose line OTKS
♡ Offbrand socks, it has pink roses and beige dots and ruffles on the edge, cute for summer lolita! I always feel like a boss discovering stuff like this in "normal" stores

I was supposed to get Lauretta Rose JSK from Innocent World along with the IW and Baby socks. But, it turned out the webshop I bought from didn't have it in stock, even though it was up for sale on their site >.<

Had to include one more picture of this, I've been wanting it for so long

♡ Star pin/brooch from Bonjour Honey!
I love this because it has multicolored pearls

♡ 4 Angelic Pretty pins (prints are Honey Cake, Sheep Garden, Marchen Ribbon and Aqua Princess)

♡ The bimonthly eyelash haul. Lol

Upper left corner are most definitely a replica of Dolly Wink no. 1 - Dolly Sweet. I'm not sure what I was thinking with these since I wasn't that crazy about the original. I mean they were good but I actually prefer the lashes I got from Diamond Lash in my last package. (you know I love you anyway Tsubasa)

♡ Topshop tie-up wedges with floral print
♡ Red 50s style T-bar flats, bought from eBay

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A literal dream dress

Chemise a la Reve by Candy Violet. It really is a dream and the ultimate dress for summer I think!

I was about to order this when it was released last year. Then I read a negative review on egl, saying it doesn't look at all like the picture or something, which made me stay away. Then this year's summer came around and I still couldn't get it out of my head!! I went on the Candy Violet website and..... found out she's stopped making them *sob*

Luckily I managed to find a girl on egl_comm_sales who wanted to sell hers!
I bought it

My expectations are not high but I hope it will be wearable at least!

The dress is an interpretation of Chemise a la Reine, a type of dress worn and made popular by Marie Antoinette when she resided at her country house Petit Trianon.

"I want something more... simple. Natural. To wear in the garden"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some kind of himegyaru gothic lolita

Hey don't think I have stopped blogging, in fact, I have more inspiration than ever right now.

Also I can't stop after like a month, that would be totally ridiculous!

Final projects in school got the best of me but my summer holidays recently began! And I have fallen in love with country loli style and have some vision in my head of myself in it on countless picnics this summer! All of a sudden I crave straw hats and bonnets, how lovely!

And I've been shopping like craazy, at the moment I have a pretty decent amount of items on their way to me.

And last Friday I went out partying in some kind of himegyaru/gothic lolita inspired mix (I love mixing styles )

Jumperskirt: Rose Melody
Lace gloves: H&M
Hair accessories: H&M, Chocomint
Bracelet: Chocomint
Lace tights: H&M
Shoes: Secret Shop

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Usually I don't go clubbing in lolita because some jerk would end up spilling beer on my brand (or I would do it myself lol).
Also it's highly inappropriate getting drunk in sweet lolita. Lolitas should only drink tea.

But Saga was going to wear her new velveteen Angelic Pretty OP and I would of course feel horribly ugly and underdressed not matching her!

I'm wearing my new MintyMix wig btw. I love it! The quality is super and it's almost like an already curled duplicate of my own hair!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the flames tonight

Last Sunday I met up with Saga, we spent a whole day looking at wigs online and going through stock photos of every single AP and Baby dress made throughout the years. We forgot to eat xD

Wigs, why are they so fun?

The types I find myself looking at most are split two-tones in blonde/light brown and darker brown.
I want the wig version of my own hair xD

I have my eyes on a certain one but we'll see!


On a totally different note, last week something horrible happened. I was woken up by a text message from a classmate, saying there was a fire at school so we couldn't meet there as planned. By the tone of the message, I wasn't shocked at first because I imagined a pile of old junk peacefully burning in some corner or something like that...

...until I saw the news. OMG.
[Image source]

They spent the whole day and night trying to extinguish the fire apparently. Luckily there was no one injured, but a few students lost their exam works. Parts of the building are completely destroyed.

So depressing (´Д`)

Not only because it was my school, I also have memories attached to that place because I hung out there when I was a little kid. My father went to the same school and the times I got to accompany him, I was in pure bliss!

Anyways so
this means we don't have any classroom anymore.
So yesterday's lecture was located in the park. It was sunny outside so I dressed in my lolita finest and brought the picnic blanket and cookies

Usually I don't wear lolita for school but yesterday, the surroundings were more fitting.

And having lessons in a sunny park is a fabulous concept! Why isn't that done more often?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lolita flea market 2011

I got to share a table with lovely Saga who I was very glad to meet! We actually have a mutual acquaintance (outside of lolita) so I knew she existed but never met her before. I was secretly hoping I would end up at the same table as her hehe which I coincidentally did!!

She's thinking of quitting lolita altogether... sooo I spent the day urging her to continue lol. She's SO cute, I want to inverted-color twin with her (and that was her idea not mine... omg I think I'll manage to lure her back into lolita ;)

My corner

Vanessa/viru-hime had the table opposite of ours. Both she and I fell in love at first sight with this adorable Usakumya hand puppet that was for sale, and we kept awwwwwing about him forever until..... she bought him.
Even though I had already decided not to buy him, I was still a bit jealous! But since Vanessa had her table all by herself, we agreed that she needed the company!

I went outside to check out the line before the store opened and I couldn't even see the end

I'm borrowing this pic from Maria because there was just no time to take photos that day and this post looked dull without them. And also because I wanted to show a photo of that line. And also because I'm in that photo, looking totally amazed by the length of that line. LOL
Check out this post for more awesome photos from the flea market

The first hour or so was the craziest and this was when most of my stuff went.

As a seller I got to chat with loads of people, so much fun
It was great meeting everyone!!

I managed to sell a lot of my things. There are still three AP dresses, that polka dot AP parka, some socks and small random things left, I guess I'll put those up at egl comm sales and/or later.

What I bought:

A teacup ring from Ellinor and three Chocomint accessories (Wonder Cookie would go so well with this stuff, I almost want to buy it just because)