Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your girl wanna blow me and don't even know me

Hey hey here's me hanging out at Peace & Love the music festival I attended this summer. I enjoyed looking all trashy for a change haha (and by trashy I mean like having a trashy-but-still-cool style, not trashy gross and smelly ewww)

My look is obviously inspired by Lady Gaga..... and 2Pac.
I kinda want that tattoo irl <3

Fun fact: At age 15, I exclusively listened to gangsta rap from the mid-90's, and also some new school underground stuff. Awww I was so cute, hardcore hip hop bitch. I still be bumpin dat shyt sumtimes tho. I went to see Atmosphere at Peace & Love for example and my hip hop heart was rekindled, cuz dat ish was fuckin dope live

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I managed to snatch an iPhone 4 with a 50% discount! I've been a devoted Apple user for all my life but this thing disappoints me slightly. It's a giant leap from my old, not-very-smart-phone, but there are so many restrictions. An example: I have to buy a new OS for my MacBook before I can even use the phone, since it can't sync with my old OS. I had to sync it with a PC with Windows, wtf Apple? My OS still works perfectly and I don't like to be forced to buy more products thank you very much

Well, I still love my new toy and there are tons of ways to prettify it.

Chocolate Theme

Rilakkuma Theme

I'm thinking about getting a plain case to deco the shit out of too.

If anyone knows of any must-have or just cute apps, hit me up! I have the free Rilakkuma Touch! app but unfortunately it sucked, you're supposed to interact with Rilakkuma but he just kind of sits there?