Friday, November 11, 2011

Instant mori girl

No school today I ran out to do some errands, for example I went to the locksmith – when I stepped outside of the locksmith shop I realized I was wearing a bracelet with KEY charms on it. lol how ridiculous!! I'm obsessed with dressing to match the occasion but wtf

Dolly OP, She is Sleeping cardigan, heart bag and headbow are BABY,
OTKs are Innocent World,
tea party shoes Secret Shop.
Accessories and military jacket are offbrand and I bought the handmade deer collar from a girl on egl_comm_sales! It's pimpin' I'm gonna wear it all the time. That + a faux foxtail is like instant mori girl inspired

Blurrrrryyyyy but my rings are forest themed they're shaped like branches and a fox's head and a rabbit's head

Friday, November 4, 2011