Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the flames tonight

Last Sunday I met up with Saga, we spent a whole day looking at wigs online and going through stock photos of every single AP and Baby dress made throughout the years. We forgot to eat xD

Wigs, why are they so fun?

The types I find myself looking at most are split two-tones in blonde/light brown and darker brown.
I want the wig version of my own hair xD

I have my eyes on a certain one but we'll see!


On a totally different note, last week something horrible happened. I was woken up by a text message from a classmate, saying there was a fire at school so we couldn't meet there as planned. By the tone of the message, I wasn't shocked at first because I imagined a pile of old junk peacefully burning in some corner or something like that...

...until I saw the news. OMG.
[Image source]

They spent the whole day and night trying to extinguish the fire apparently. Luckily there was no one injured, but a few students lost their exam works. Parts of the building are completely destroyed.

So depressing (´Д`)

Not only because it was my school, I also have memories attached to that place because I hung out there when I was a little kid. My father went to the same school and the times I got to accompany him, I was in pure bliss!

Anyways so
this means we don't have any classroom anymore.
So yesterday's lecture was located in the park. It was sunny outside so I dressed in my lolita finest and brought the picnic blanket and cookies

Usually I don't wear lolita for school but yesterday, the surroundings were more fitting.

And having lessons in a sunny park is a fabulous concept! Why isn't that done more often?


  1. When I was younger the janitors at my school went on strike and we got to have all lessons and even our national tests outdoors! it was amazing. That's terrible about your school though, I feel for the people who lost all their work :/

  2. That does sound amazing! I assume it didn't happen during winter though because that wouldn't have been as amazing ^-^"