Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some kind of himegyaru gothic lolita

Hey don't think I have stopped blogging, in fact, I have more inspiration than ever right now.

Also I can't stop after like a month, that would be totally ridiculous!

Final projects in school got the best of me but my summer holidays recently began! And I have fallen in love with country loli style and have some vision in my head of myself in it on countless picnics this summer! All of a sudden I crave straw hats and bonnets, how lovely!

And I've been shopping like craazy, at the moment I have a pretty decent amount of items on their way to me.

And last Friday I went out partying in some kind of himegyaru/gothic lolita inspired mix (I love mixing styles )

Jumperskirt: Rose Melody
Lace gloves: H&M
Hair accessories: H&M, Chocomint
Bracelet: Chocomint
Lace tights: H&M
Shoes: Secret Shop

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Usually I don't go clubbing in lolita because some jerk would end up spilling beer on my brand (or I would do it myself lol).
Also it's highly inappropriate getting drunk in sweet lolita. Lolitas should only drink tea.

But Saga was going to wear her new velveteen Angelic Pretty OP and I would of course feel horribly ugly and underdressed not matching her!

I'm wearing my new MintyMix wig btw. I love it! The quality is super and it's almost like an already curled duplicate of my own hair!


  1. love your outfit so much!
    The lace gloves make the whole outfit look really elegant~♥

  2. Thank you dear! I love gloves, they are often what makes an outfit complete I think!

  3. How amazing! What a beautiful and slightly unusual style! I love it!

    And this summer, for the northern hemisphere, is going to be full of beautiful scenery, so I'm sure there will be lovely pictures to see!!

  4. Kairii Chan, aww what a sweet comment <3 I'm glad you think so!

    I definitely want to enjoy this season to the max! The nordic summer is reallyreally short so I want to make the most of it. So many dresses so little time, it's almost stressful ^^"

  5. pretty girl! Love your blog!Hey will you check out mine? If you follow I will return the favor! Thanks to much:)

  6. Åh, Ebba! Du är då lika snygg som alltid! :D Känns som att det har varit för snålt med stockholmsresor för min del på senaste tiden men när det väl blir en tycker jag verkligen att vi ska fika, kanske en grillad vegan eller två? ^^

    Massor med kramar

  7. Du kan va snygg :3
    Ja jag håller med! Tänkte faktiskt på det för några dagar sen, att det var länge sen Linda var i stan! Men det kanske blir nåt Stockholmsbesök för dig i sommar?? Du får hojta till när det nu blir hur som helst ^.~

    Vi hörs och massa kramar tillbaks!