Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's on!

Finally..... the final preparations for the lolita flea market! This was my writing-desk earlier today:

10 kilos of stuff to sell

Alllllll the price tags

The goods are now set up at Tokyo Stop, to my relief! Now I can relax and just be excited about tomorrow!

Lamb-chan dressed up for a walk XD

This is the most ridiculous/cute thing I have seen since Yumemiru Hiyoko-chan. I can't decide who's more ridiculous-looking...

I love them both too much

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I will be selling half of my wardrobe

...this Sunday!

Link to Facebook event

The lolita flea market is organized by Swedish lolita forum and I managed to snatch a table! I'm excited and quite nervous... ( ゚Д゚;)

Last year the line to get in the store was INSANE! Look at this:

I've spent the day washing, ironing, sewing buttons back on, going over pricings for the 9434532th time and should I really sell that cardigan?! It's so much more convenient to sell in a physical store rather than online but that line scares me!!!!! I'm expecting a chaotic Sunday afternoon! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pale flowers

You know that kind of illness that hits you after you've been stressing lots and when you FINALLY get off work and calm down it's like BOOM you're ill! I got that as an Easter present! Which means there was a perfect opportunity for lolita today. What else can help you feel better, right? Lately I have been really really like explosively sunshiny happy in lolita, even more than ever. I feel truly optimistic about the approaching summer and I'm kinda lost in my dream world where the most important thing is finding the ultimate dress. Something to wear on all upcoming picnics!

I'm still contemplating Sugar Pansy. I'm not yet sure about it and don't think I will get it but I like the vintage-y feel of the print. If I owned it though, I would have worn it today because if I could use a print to describe my mood it would've totally been a soft and airy one like this:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Don't Like Spring

First of all: I lead an extremely hectic life right now. Today I allowed myself to take Easter holiday and it felt so strange waking up to a day without plans.

Even better, the weather outside was extremely nice and warm (spring is here?!! I haven't even had the time to notice) and I was like YEAH then I don't need a jacket, thanks Arthur!!! I was so in the mood for dressing up! Finally I can wear my BtSSB Marie Antoinette JSK again, haven't used it since last summer because I think it's definitely more of a spring/summer dress.

Then I just spent the day with the fantastic company of myself, went out for a walk and some shopping! I picked up this loose, sheer floral blouse, I want to do a retro gal coord with it! Also bought faux garter tights.

Holiday, payday, nice weather day and...... PACKAGE DAY. Mostly W♥C stuffs

Kumatan's dorky face is hard to resist ♡

☆ Stadium jacket (this is like the best jacket ever, I'll show more of it later)
☆ 2 pairs of short lace skirts (black and offwhite), sooo useful I can wear these with anything and will be using them to death!
☆ Pink Kumatan watch
+extra goodies (shopping bags + spring catalogue)

In the package was also this 60's style Liz Lisa coat. Five(!) years ago I fell in love with a similar coat from Topshop but I was a poor kid back then so I couldn't buy it. I've been missing that coat in my life ever since. wtf. This baby is even prettier though! Perfectly dolly!

I also love this coat because I feel like a fabulous rich little lady in it... lol

Monday, April 18, 2011


One of my main goals in life is to make it as much fun as possible!
I think the key to that is being passionate about doing wtf you want. (And dressing how the f you want.)

I'm a lover and follower of Japanese fashion styles.
And above and over everything there is – lolita.

I constantly get hangups so intense that I'm unable to sleep. A lot of my obsessions are lolita/fashion related. I thought I'd create a blog to have something to do with all that energy and inspiration, somewhere to let it out!

I'm kinda new to not being a lurker on the internet, but we'll see how this story goes! (・ω・)

So, welcome to my blog and never be afraid to say hi!