Monday, June 27, 2011

brb, I'll be living in mud for a week

I've been debating whether I should make this a pure lolita blog or not, since I don't dress exclusively in lolita.

In any case, next week I'll do something totally non-loli: go to a festival called
Peace & Love, here in Sweden.

Other people see festivals as an excuse to be filthy and dress like a slob without anyone caring, I see festivals as an excuse to dress even more crazy / cool without anyone caring!

I made a detachable hairbow for extra coolness, it will probably not last through all the concerts etc even though I drenched it in hairspray but whatever.

see u when I get home!


  1. really cut blog !!! i follow your blog now : )

  2. oh sorry ! i mean CUTE !!! *___*
    i love it ^^

  3. aww no you are cutE :3
    thank you!