Thursday, June 23, 2011

Part of the purchases

that I've made lately

♡ Baby, the Stars Shine Bright crown purse
♡ A dark colored straw hat.
♡ A light colored straw hat. lol
♡ Baby, the Stars Shine Brigh Beading ribbon lace OTKs
♡ Innocent World Rose line OTKS
♡ Offbrand socks, it has pink roses and beige dots and ruffles on the edge, cute for summer lolita! I always feel like a boss discovering stuff like this in "normal" stores

I was supposed to get Lauretta Rose JSK from Innocent World along with the IW and Baby socks. But, it turned out the webshop I bought from didn't have it in stock, even though it was up for sale on their site >.<

Had to include one more picture of this, I've been wanting it for so long

♡ Star pin/brooch from Bonjour Honey!
I love this because it has multicolored pearls

♡ 4 Angelic Pretty pins (prints are Honey Cake, Sheep Garden, Marchen Ribbon and Aqua Princess)

♡ The bimonthly eyelash haul. Lol

Upper left corner are most definitely a replica of Dolly Wink no. 1 - Dolly Sweet. I'm not sure what I was thinking with these since I wasn't that crazy about the original. I mean they were good but I actually prefer the lashes I got from Diamond Lash in my last package. (you know I love you anyway Tsubasa)

♡ Topshop tie-up wedges with floral print
♡ Red 50s style T-bar flats, bought from eBay

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