Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pale flowers

You know that kind of illness that hits you after you've been stressing lots and when you FINALLY get off work and calm down it's like BOOM you're ill! I got that as an Easter present! Which means there was a perfect opportunity for lolita today. What else can help you feel better, right? Lately I have been really really like explosively sunshiny happy in lolita, even more than ever. I feel truly optimistic about the approaching summer and I'm kinda lost in my dream world where the most important thing is finding the ultimate dress. Something to wear on all upcoming picnics!

I'm still contemplating Sugar Pansy. I'm not yet sure about it and don't think I will get it but I like the vintage-y feel of the print. If I owned it though, I would have worn it today because if I could use a print to describe my mood it would've totally been a soft and airy one like this:

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