Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Don't Like Spring

First of all: I lead an extremely hectic life right now. Today I allowed myself to take Easter holiday and it felt so strange waking up to a day without plans.

Even better, the weather outside was extremely nice and warm (spring is here?!! I haven't even had the time to notice) and I was like YEAH then I don't need a jacket, thanks Arthur!!! I was so in the mood for dressing up! Finally I can wear my BtSSB Marie Antoinette JSK again, haven't used it since last summer because I think it's definitely more of a spring/summer dress.

Then I just spent the day with the fantastic company of myself, went out for a walk and some shopping! I picked up this loose, sheer floral blouse, I want to do a retro gal coord with it! Also bought faux garter tights.

Holiday, payday, nice weather day and...... PACKAGE DAY. Mostly W♥C stuffs

Kumatan's dorky face is hard to resist ♡

☆ Stadium jacket (this is like the best jacket ever, I'll show more of it later)
☆ 2 pairs of short lace skirts (black and offwhite), sooo useful I can wear these with anything and will be using them to death!
☆ Pink Kumatan watch
+extra goodies (shopping bags + spring catalogue)

In the package was also this 60's style Liz Lisa coat. Five(!) years ago I fell in love with a similar coat from Topshop but I was a poor kid back then so I couldn't buy it. I've been missing that coat in my life ever since. wtf. This baby is even prettier though! Perfectly dolly!

I also love this coat because I feel like a fabulous rich little lady in it... lol

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