Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I will be selling half of my wardrobe

...this Sunday!

Link to Facebook event

The lolita flea market is organized by Swedish lolita forum and I managed to snatch a table! I'm excited and quite nervous... ( ゚Д゚;)

Last year the line to get in the store was INSANE! Look at this:

I've spent the day washing, ironing, sewing buttons back on, going over pricings for the 9434532th time and should I really sell that cardigan?! It's so much more convenient to sell in a physical store rather than online but that line scares me!!!!! I'm expecting a chaotic Sunday afternoon! ヽ(´▽`)ノ


  1. Det kommer gå alldeles utmärkt! När dörrarna väl öppnas går tiden väldigt fort. Vi ses på söndag!

  2. Tack för lugnande ord ;) Oavsett stressgrad kommer detta bli a blast, det är jag definitivt övertygad om! Ses på söndag!